About the Potters

Soryu Wakunami

  • 1977 Born in Kyoto.
  • Graduated Seian University.
  • Admitted to the Potter’s Technical School.
  • Finished Training Course of Traditional handicraftsmen in Kyoto city.
  • Succeed to the fourth “Soryu”
  • Now.I do ceramic art at the Soryu-gama.

Kyo-Yaki and Kiyomizu-Yaki

Because there are various methods involved in the craft making of Kyo and Kiyomizu Pottery, it is not easy to speak in one word of the characteristics. Ages ago when Kyoto was the Imperial City, skilled craftsmen gathered here, refining their styles of work.

Only the best has survived the test of time, but even so, this includes a wide variety of styles, all of which can be considered to represent Kyo and Kiyomizu Pottery.

For generations, Soryu-Gama has developed and used its own seiji glaze.

When compared to other seiji glazes, it is a painstaking process, but we continue this for our own best results.


Madoka Wakunami

  • 1976 Born in Fukuoka.
  • Graduated Saga University.
  • Admitted to the Potter’s Technical School.
  • Now.I do ceramic art at the Soryu-gama.

The Pottery of Koishiwara (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Koishiwara Pottery, which is made in the mountain region of Fukuoka (At the present this region is known as To-ho-mura in Fukuoka Prefecture), mainly consists of pots of everyday use.

Geometric designs decorate pots using methods such as hakeme (brushed slip design), tobi-kanna (a chatter-like design produced by a metal tool springing against leather-hard slip covered vessel), uchi-kake (design made by splashing a small amount of slip onto a vessel), and kushi-kaki (design made by a wooden comb-like tool scratching through applied slip).

Madoka was born to a family of Koishiwara potters which has continued for fourteen generations.

Marrying into the Wakunami family made a new partnership. We continually strive to find new frontiers for the seiji glaze of Kyo-Yaki Pottery.