From Kyoto to the World

Many foreigners come to visit our pottery.Through this contact, we have gained confidence in the fact that our seiji translucent blue glaze can be appreciated overseas.

We have started putting forth special efforts towards bringing our pottery to you!

Publicizing and marketing has been our method so far, to spread appreciation for our work, but representing the next generation of Kyoto craftsmen, we think Japanese techniques and Japanese expression need to be further known abroad.

We wish for Kyoto’s seiji glaze to be loved far and wide, to have fans of Kyoto’s craftsmen all over the globe. Our efforts abroad all started from that wish.



In CREATIVE EXPO TAIWAN, Japan’s “Active Creators” participated for the first time Soryu-Gama also participated, through the Kyoto Craftsman’s group, Shokunin Ko-Bo.

We designed new tea sets and so forth, to specially match the Taiwanese culture, which were popular not only at Buyers’ Day but also to the general public.




Soryu-Gama was proud to participate in Rome’s 10th Annual CULINARIA, which is an international food event drawing interest with famous Michelin Restaurant chefs.

What an honor to have our pottery、large plates, platters and bowls used at such a prestigious food event, and by the top masters of the food trade!




At the new shop of selected goods in Paris, France, known as Atelier Blancs Manteaux, a newly designed collaboration work from our Soryu-Gama aligns the shelf among others, as a test marketing piece.

It is a piece that combines the translucent seiji glaze of Kyoto’s Kiyomizu-Yaki with the chatter design, tobi-kanna method of Koishiwara.

It was both the pure strength and beauty of the piece, and the story behind its creation (two styles coming together in one pot, just as Soryu Wakunami of Kyoto and  partner Madoka of Koishiwara have come together to share their lives) which gathered interest and popularity so that it was chosen to be in permanent stock at the Atelier Blancs Manteaux.